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The R&D Hackerspace is a home for every geek, nerd and egghead in Sydney.  Our members know way too much about technology, electronics, programming, engineering, 3D printing, photography, mechatronics, graphics and procrastination.  Whatever you're interested in -- if you're just a bit too geeky about it, or you want to learn -- then we want you to join us.


The hackerspace is open for "general hacking" every Saturday at 10am at Unit 10, 27 Bank St Meadowbank, and most Tuesday evenings (from 1730 onwards).  Feel free to rock up - if you find Daleks, you've found us.  If you'd like to speak with someone before your first visit, you can join our mailing list at sydney-hackspace@googlegroups.com or write to Gavin.


We love to collaborate with other hackerspaces, creative venues and exciting, chunky projects.  (We've even been the subject of a short documentary!)  Want to work together?  Want us to run workshops or demonstrations in your space?  We'd love to join forces!  Write to Gavin Smith, President of Robots & Dinosaurs, via board@robodino.org .



Our IRC channel is #robodino on irc.freenode.net


If you are behind a firewall you can connect via:




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Aww.. google wave.. how I shall miss ye olde wikithing. :/

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