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Marcus Schappi @littlebirdceo Arduino

I'm the big bird at Little Bird Electronics


When I'm not doing LBE I'm: 



Michael Gruber @roboteshop


Humanoid robots

I own and operate RoboteShop
Kean Maizels @KeanM All embedded systems, esp. Linux & PIC, plus CNC & robotics I run an embedded systems & IT consulting business
Elliot Shepherd Arduino, programming Programmer (web 2.0 social blah blah blah)
Peter Ringwood  @chromoose pete dot ringwood at gmail Arduinos and other Microcontrollers, Web Development, Vehicle Dynamics. Engineering Undergrad.
Jesse Chilcott  @jessechilcott  Retro gaming, robotics, coding, anything geeky really... and yes Arduinos. Soft Eng at GIS company 
Madeleine Moore @mad_z

Gaming, robots, arduino

Access Monkey
Jon Harsem  @jharsem  Embedded Systems, Art, Multi touch  Illustrator & Geek - IT Admin @ Healthcare company - My dream for Sydney Hackerspace: NYC Resistor
Adam Synnott art, ftir, microcontrollers artist and general nerd. 
Andy Gelme @geekscape   Internet of Things, Arduino, MeemPlex

Connected Community HackerSpace (Melbourne)

I'm based in Melbourne and interested in collaboration between Australian HackerSpaces

Simon Rumble  @shermozle  Linux, sensors, web-integration, learning electronics  Web tech guy at a telco 
Adriaan Swanepoel  I do not twit... adriaan at  Robotics from chassis to software and everything in-between. Mostly AVR's

Systems Developer for an electronics manufacturer 

Vorn @vornstar vornstar at gee em aye eye ell dot com Programmerer and tinkerer

Garage converted into workshop - needs projects

Mark Wotton @mwotton Haskell, iPhone, Perl, Rails, web, PIC automation itinerant hobo
Matt @mattjoyce matt.joyce gmail com All manner of tinkering and babbaging. IT Manager - healthcare
Stephen Howard @ozzyace pic/arduino, sensors, sharks with lasers attached to their heads...

Midnight Engineer 

Chiropractor (teaching & clinical)

Currently developing pic-based teaching aid for chiro students

Learning VB, Java

James Wilmot Programming, Linux, General tinkering Lazy uni student
James Howarth @jimmyhowarth Arduino, python, RF, lighting, and general tinkering. RF chip designer.
Greg Turner @gsta Python, electronics/aduino tinkering, web, wood, interactive art Director of the Interaction Consortium, a few relevant contacts at UTS/Sydney Uni
the Interaction Consortium @theixc Mostly web design, but all the directors have experience building interactive art. Corporate interest!
Henry Cho @hankatronic Arduino, lighting design, mobile application design Senior User Experience Architect
Jonathan Hirsch none

Microcontrollers mostly Atmel. LED drivers.


Electronics Engineer Powerhouse Museum

Interactives Dept.

Kris Gesling @krisgesling FOSS, tinkering and anything new Newcastle Uni student
Phil Wright   phlipped -at- Electronics, Robotics, Arduino, Linux/FOSS, PIC, tinkering IT services grunt
George Murdocca   gmurdocca gmail com Linux, Electronics, Robotics, Arduino, Python, Web info security engineer / sysadmin
Iain Chalmers @iain_chalmers bigiain& Arduino, RC planes, motorcycles, the intersections between tect and art. And coffee. Mostly coffee. Alpha geek at a web design consultancy. Perl, MySQL, memcached, Apache, cloud computing, AJAX...
Joseph Gentle @sineltor   Software engineering. I want to write my own language and operating system I'm currently an artificial intelligence researcher.
Rob Howard @damncabbage Web, PHP, Python, Linux, Tinkerin' (not a general term at all). Yahoo! engineer / developer monkey, IT guy for an anime convention, and generally a big nerd.
Kathryn Small  
Reading, writing, communicating, ponies. Making a theremin and a net gun.  
Jonathan McGuire N/A Farfetched ideas, hitting things with a hammer.

Insert witty comment here.


Jonas S Karlson   Hacking new programming languages/interpreters, building simple cheap (<1$) programmable hardware. Hacks (builds) database kernel stuff. Co-founder of Noisebridge hackspace in SF, living in Sydney as of 8 months. 
Tim Stobo @Eeoor tim.stobo at gmail com Gaming, writing, culture, learning. Game Designer, wanna-be writer, all round nerd.
Adriaan Stellingwerff @astellingwerff adriaan [at] infoding [dot] com Offline/online crossover

Web developer


Justin Maynard @justinatomatic justin [shift 2] omatic [period] net  Graphics/Video. Arduino, Xbee.  hacking things fixing things and building things. Python AV Tech, Multimedia, and Live Video, VJ etc
Lachlan Pease @predakanga predatory.kangaroo [at] gmail [dot] com Arduinos, robotics, programming, linux, webdev, gamedev, homebrew for various consoles Software developer, tinkerer in electronics, particularly with microcontrollers
Huw Campbell   huw.campbell [at] gmail [dot] com   Physicist
Rebecca Owen NA r3becca ( Adenine Thymine ) robotics, electronics, programming, motion sensors, solar power, aquaculture, tech sculpture I'm a webhosting support monkey, live at Waterloo, desperately need a hackerspace as im not allowed to mess up our pretty apartment... have a few tools to contribute.
David Vernon I'm avoiding Twitter david.vernon AT Home automation, (very)  remote systems monitoring, alternative energy sources (wind/solar), technology for live performance / special effects Love to play and write music, build stuff then climb it, and turn 1000 buttons into 10 buttons and back again. Freelance inventor / contractor available for anything fun
Gavin Smith Dear lord, no. the dot mechatronics dot guy at gmail dot com Robotics, control systems, instrumentation, 3D printing, milling, arduino, reflow soldering machines, horology

Robotics Engineer.

Website and some projects here.

Rich Atkinson @jetfar atkinsonr [A T] gmail I like making neat things that work just how I like them to. Right now I'm into making appliances out of linux and homebrew electronics. I'm also a web developer (crust and fun), and I maintain a few packages for archlinux.

I love (making and drinking) homebrew beer.


I'm keen to learn more about and get more experience with linux in embedded applications.


Oh, and playing with cool tools and machinery.

Pia van Gelder



pia | a.t. |

Dorkbot. Electronic art: specifically instrument building for live audio and video performance. Like using or reusing pre-existing electronics and machinary to make silly moving parts. Like clumsy aesthetics and stumbly automata.

Want to learn more about things like Arduino, Max MSP, Processing, 3d printing.

Dorkbot-Syd "Overlord"

Teaching at COFA a little in "Time Based Art" (video, sound, installation, performance, electronic art)... otherwise get money by flogging books/designing for web and print/photography bla bla.


Learning a bit about drupal at the moment.


Making paper mache helmet with wireless controller for and microphones to use for vocal performance. Dabbling in anaglyph video.

I live here:

Brendan Humphreys @brendanh brendan.humphreys AT embedded systems, RFID, coffee Software engineer
Adam Clinch nein tweet adam.clinch  -@-  Linux, Mythtv, Electronics, off-grid Work in IT Infosec , like SCUBA, the ocean and the bush, live and breathe computers.
Jeremy Apthorp @nornagon nornagon of Code, games, iPhone dev, robotics, artificial life. Second year CompSci student at UNSW, where I also produce a weekly student magazin
Steph & Tom No

making things that rock! designer student ex-student designer silkscreening, typography, rfid, art, wine motion graphics, film, photographs, coffee
Carson Au @carson_au avr's, msp430's, robotics part of UNSW's Solar Racing Team (we use a whole bunch of msp430-based "nodes" around the car for telemetry including - gps, air pressure, tyre-pressure, tyre-temp, solar cell temp (1-wire), battery monitoring system...etc..etc
Macca It burnses us! mark.mcginnes at Model engineering, tinkering, robotics, linux, r/c and autonomous aviation (eventually), arduino ( when it shows up), cnc

SCADA tech, high voltage transmission network.

Based in western Syd.




AleSol Interaction Design, basic electronics (starting point!), Phidgets, Arduino, little things that make big things happen, what happens to people around when that happens, how to make that happening better! Do chocolates & coffee fit here?

Basically a 24/7 research student (PhD in Interaction for Public Spaces, DAB - UTS). My current tinkering place is the Interactivation Studios at UTS.

I came all the way from Chile and staying for quite a while. Over there I'm an Industrial Design lecturer at the School of Design of the Metropolitan Technological University and a fellow researcher at ProteinLab, the University's Program for Prospective and Technological Innovation.

Chris Beckett

@chris_beckett Microcontrollers, programming, 3D printing.

I'm a web developer in PHP and Java.

Robert Atkins @ratkins ratkins at Blinkenlights Software engineer by day, here to learn the mad electronics skillz I'll need to trip out my fellow citizens of Black Rock City.
Carl Chatfield Robotics, vision systems Second year compsci student at unsw. Put on weekly bbqs, omn nom nom nom.
Chris Mountford @chromosundrift Robots for kids, graphics, programming languages, developer tools I hack on JIRA
Jaye Gallagher - PCB design, Atmel microcontrollers, assembler, C, Java, neat stuff with LEDs, CNC, robotics. I do Java/SQL for money, and hardware (amongst other things) for fun. :)
Mike B   m.barren [at] gmail [dot] com Automation, AI, PIC, Linux, Coding, GIS, GPS, C Currently an undergrad Comp. Science student at UNSW. I hack around with small devices occasionally. Hoping to learn a lot here.
David L. Jones Electronics product Design, PCB Design, Micro's, FPGA's, and programming.

Author of many electronics projects in Electronics Australia, Silicon Chip, and other magazines.

I run the Electronics Engineering Video Blog (EEVblog) at


Check out my Scientific Calculator Watch


All my other interests are linked from

Jason Hooker @zebrafive jason AT zebrafive DOT com Arduino, Java, iPhone Solution architect, ex electronics engineer, visionary.
Max Nippard @maxnippard mnippard a gmail dot com photography, electronics, mikrokopter and just making stuff

not happy when I'm not making stuff.

Live in Newport without A shed or garage the build in.

Jason Ball @agronaught jason at ball dot net electronics, micro's, robotics. recently addicted to micro rc helicopters.

Programmer and Systems Admin, currently performance expert searching for microsecond savings in options trading systems.


Current Projects: 

* Arduino based irrigation controller, including ultrasonic tank level monitor/rainfall tracking.


Anthony Wood (Woody) @s2156945 hackerspace20171108 at <surname> dot id dot au Electric Vehicles, programming, electronics

I'm a perl programmer / systems integrator at a media software company in Pyrmont.  I live at the wrong end of town (Mt Colah).

Currently planning to convert a 60s cortina to battery electric with industrial VFD components. 

nickhac @nickhac nickhac gmail web, databases, xml, scraping, xml  
Jessica Wong (Jay) nix on the twitter >.< website design, design, technophile, apple, and anything to do with technology Currently studying visual communication at UTS, i'm intensely obsessed with anything technology/photography/technology/design based. Hoping to learn alot more technical stuff here =)
Harrison Conlin @harrisony arduino, electronics, tech, laser cutters, linux, sensors, fish, robots High school student
Matt Lansdown @matt_decker DMX & X10 Lighting, AV installation and repair, Hardware IT, Solar, Outdoor, Biological Technology. Etc. The one you call to move heavy objects. Currently rebuilding
Janine Cahill @j9j making electronic beeper badges when you meet other peeps with same interests, serious games, ARGs, AND the future,

need help with beeper project - i got no idea frankly - just want one!!

Have a games team - designing games for and and need bluetooth transmitters if anyone has one. and if you are interested in serious games, ARGs talk to me


Liam Hodge @Yin_Yin yin [dot] 0x7d8 [at] gmail [dot] com Networks and Communications HSC Graduate, Network Technician, i'm a PC, and getting to know linux.
Terry Dawson Radio (in all its forms), Linux/OpenSource computing, OpenHardware/electronics, clocks, working with wood, music, art. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, I know a little bit about a lot of things but a few subjects in depth. I have a strong telecommunications/IT background professionally.

Adam Carmichael 

@carneeki Ham radio (DC to daylight not just HF/VHF), BSD/Linux, electronic circuitry, troubleshooting, photography. 

I do some forensic investigation of computers, some Drupal, and some general IT consulting. I have done some telecommunications (GSM, ISDN trunks, and IP telco), would like to do some more GSM and UMTS :) is my personal site. is my small business.

Ben X Tan @benxtan benxtan {at} gmail {dot} com Creativity is king. Programming and music are what I do mostly. Programming experience with iPhone/iPad (Obj C), Kinect, Web dev, MIDI. , C++, .NET, Java, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, little bit of Python and PERL, and lots more!

Best place to find out more about me is on my website:


Feel free to email, twitter, facebook, IM. Always up for a chat about tech/music and meeting new people.


Peripheral MIDI Controller (PMIDIC) is my creation.

Currently trying to find as much time in between things to do more work on it.



Jason Lewis @jasonblewis jason at dickson dot st micro controllers, 3d printing, laser cutting, rc modeling, programming in perl and elisp, LaTeX, emacs, linux, open source software in general.

my blog is at


Alex McClung   alex {dot} mcclung {at} hotmail {dot} com

15 Years Old - Autonomous Veichles, Robotics, Mechatronics, Electronics, ROS, Full-time Linux User, Arduino, Microcontrollers, Laser Cutting, 3d Printing and Open Source Promoter.

Work at Jaycar. 

Personal Robotics Blog, Currently Under Development, should post content soon.

Matt Cabanag   matt * at * self replicating 3D printers, roadable aircraft, residential airships, micro-generation, AI, autonomous agents, game development,  Personal Blog:



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