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Page history last edited by Terry Dawson 13 years, 3 months ago


"Board of Hackers"

As elected; 

  • Gavin
  • Terry
  • Kathryn
  • Jeremy
  • Chris
  • Kean
  • Rebecca
  • Max 



  • The board, and anyone else will to contribute.



  • Everyone!


Legal Eagles Action Team (LEAT)

Work out the legal issues involved in legal structure, renting properties, public liability, etc.  PLEASE NOTE.  We are not professional lawyers and cannot provide you with legal advice.  We will endeavour to guide the hackerspace in the right direction and obtain professional legal advice wherever possible.

  • Kathryn
  • Kean


Comments (5)

ATSystems said

at 3:35 am on May 5, 2009

I would suggest perhaps a community liaison role, may come under marketing, but someone to specifically interface with educational and other community organisations. Anyone know anyone?

nornagon said

at 7:41 am on May 5, 2009

I'm happy to liase with at least UNSW. I have a few contacts at other unis also. Not so much with TAFE/high schools, though I went to Fort St. and could likely contact them without too much effort.

Adriaan Swanepoel said

at 8:55 am on May 5, 2009

How about a Training and Events "action group" responsible for arranging training days, workshops, events, etc to help keep everyone enthused and draw in new people, could be a sub group for the Marketing group.

Yin (liam hodge) said

at 10:21 am on Nov 24, 2009

Department of Communications, in charge of network management, internet connection and network security?

Terry Dawson said

at 7:02 am on Dec 9, 2009

I have some experience in incorporation of non-profit organisations in NSW. I might be able to offer advice/anecdote/assistance where possible if that's useful.

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