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Bank St Meadowbank

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The Space

The address is Unit 10, 27 Bank St, Meadowbank. We're located in inside of the horseshoe of shops and offices on the Western exit of Meadowbank Station. 




Getting there

We're all of 50m from Meadowbank train station, which is a short 30min ride from Central. There's parking on-site and street as well. 


Main area

In the main area we have benches, chairs, buckets of soldering irons, a projector, wireless internet, and a general supply of screwdrivers, hand-formable thermoplastics, glues, heat guns, drills, dremmels, multimeters and oscilloscopes. Many metal and woodworking tools like a drill press, saws, hammers, band saws, and many other hand tools. We also have sewing machines, a vast collection of fabrics, patterns, and other clothing related tools and ingredients.


Laser cutter/3D printer/CNC mill 

We have a collection of tools that work almost autonomously after receiving instructions from the user via a computer. Including: • The Laser cutter, for quickly cutting acrylic ,wood, some plastics, fabric, and felt. As well as engraving on many more materials. • 3D printers that extrude ABS or PLA plastic in many layers to recreate 3D models as physical objects. • The CNC milling machine, which can CNC circuit boards, aluminium, foam, plastics, etc.


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