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RnD Kits and Circuits

Page history last edited by Gavin Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

Here's a page to hold information on members kits and circuit boards that are available for people to use in the space. Generally there's a small cost to cover parts.



(PCBs $1 each, in the kits tub. )

This is a project to help make it easy to use the Attiny85 and Attiny45 microcontrollers. There's an ISP header for programming, and if you like you can populate the board with power and PIN0 LEDs for debugging. All 5 IOs are broken out into servo style plugs, and there's a 2 pin plug for power. 


RnD AttinyProgramming Shield:

($20 for kit of parts, in the kits tub, and comes with 3 Attiny chips. Spare chips are $2 ea). 

This is a sheild to go on top of your arduino and accept an Attiny45 or Attiny85 for programming. These little chips are almost as capable as an arduino, work with no supporting components and are dirt cheap. 

Here's instructions on how to use it with the arduino software v022 and below: http://hlt.media.mit.edu/?p=1229

Here's instructions on how to use it with the arduino software v1.0  and above: http://hlt.media.mit.edu/?p=1695


Here's what it looks like in action with the above breakout board. 


TPLink WR703N Expander:

A lot of us are using the TPLink WR703N WiFi routers as cheap embedded devices. Kean developed a USB hub and FTDI shield to go on top, and Madox made a 3D printed box for them to fit into. 
























Details are here: http://www.kean.com.au/oshw/WR703N/


RnD Stepper Shield:

(PCBs $1 each, in the kits tub. ) 

This is a simple shield to use the common A4988 Pololu stepper modules on your arduino. You can pick them up for about $15 ea. 

Only extra components you need are the pin headers to plug into an arduino, LEDS if you want them (1206 SMD, with 300ohm resistor) and a 100uF 25V cap across the rails to mitigate noise. 



Note: The V.02 PCB has a bug, the wiring to the power jack is backwards! Check before use. 

Pin Layout: 

Motor1 EN:        4

Motor1 STEP:     5

Motor1 DIR:       6

Motor2 EN:        7

Motor2 STEP:     8

Motor2 DIR:      9

Schematic here: RoboDinoShield v02e-sch.pdf

PCB layout here: RoboDinoShield v02e-PCB.pdf


For smooth motion check out the stepper shield lib here:




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