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3d Printers

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The space has 2 working printers 


  • UP Plus 
  • Printrbot Simple Metal


Both 3d Printers use ABS but can be converted to use PLA if reqired. 




Fillament costs $1 per 10g. Both Matter Control and the UP software will give an esitimate of how much material is to be used. F




Both 3d Printers are capable to printing STL models. Software such as Autocad, Fusion 360, Sketchup, OpenSCAD and 123D can be used to create the models for printing.


The UP uses propriety softare (UP) while the Printrbot is based on open soure design and can be controlled by any program that generates g-code. At the moment Matter Control and Cura have been installed on the controlling PC. 


Raft and Support and Print Volume


The UP uses a perf board 140mm x 140mm x 135mm. When printing the UP will lay down a mesh on the perf board that is designed to hold the printed item in place during printing. The print bed needs to be preheated before use for the best results (a feature found in the maintencence menu), however the bed does not need to be preheated for the print to start.


The Printrbot uses a flat heated bed using a thermal tape. Unlike the UP, the Printrbot will not run until both the print head and bed are set to predefined levels. Using the Matter Control software, you can set the temp for both in the settings. Heating setings have been set up for both ABS and PLA. The print volume is 150mm x 150mm x 150mm.


The Printrbot will by default print a border then lay a raft on the print bed. A raft may be chosen as an option in the settings. Unlike the UP, many of the settings will need to be chosen in the settings. 


If you are printing irrgular shapes, you may need to consider support. This is material that is printed to allow the shape to be printed without ovement or collapsing. WIth the UP, this is calculated automatically. with the Printrbot, you chose the level of support in the settings. The more support, the more effort required to remove it to reveal your print, but for fine detail of such things as overhanging or irregular shapes, this is the only way of successfuly printing the print job.

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